ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 935972

Questions 5
Words drub, epitaph, liability, proximity, servile

Study Guide

The definition for drub is "To defeat decisively." Used in a sentence: The powerful young boxer drubbed the longtime champion.
The definition for epitaph is "Brief statement honoring a dead person." Used in a sentence: "Beloved by all,"" was the epitaph Edgar chose for his wife's tombstone.
The definition for liability is "A person or thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage." Used in a sentence: Kevin's growing fatigue was a liability as he attempted to climb the steep hill.
The definition for proximity is "Closeness." Used in a sentence: The proximity of Tia's house to school meant that she could walk there in five minutes.
The definition for servile is "Fearfully submissive." Used in a sentence: Felicia's servile attitude annoyed her boss, who preferred an assistant with more backbone.