ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 938769

Questions 5
Words archaic, exception, facade, gargantuan, incongruous

Study Guide

The definition for archaic is "Characteristic of an earlier time." Used in a sentence: In the world of high fashion, two–year–old shoes are considered positively archaic.
The definition for exception is "A case to which the rule does not apply." Used in a sentence: The teacher made an exception and let Gina eat her snack in class.
The definition for facade is "false or superficial appearance." Used in a sentence: Emily's smile is just a facade masking her broken heart.
The definition for gargantuan is "Gigantic." Used in a sentence: The gargantuan monster towered over the ten–story bulding.
The definition for incongruous is "Not harmonious, incompatible." Used in a sentence: Sadie's cowboy hat was incongruous with her black cocktail dress.