ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 950067

Questions 5
Words accommodate, catastrophic, inauspicious, stifle, turmoil

Study Guide

The definition for accommodate is "To give consideration to." Used in a sentence: The hospitable couple was happy to accommodate the needs of their finicky guest.
The definition for catastrophic is "Relating to extreme misfortune." Used in a sentence: The effects of the massive hurricane were catastrophic.
The definition for inauspicious is "Not favorable." Used in a sentence: Gary believed the black foreboding sky was an inauspicious sign.
The definition for stifle is "To repress or discourage." Used in a sentence: Amy tried ineffectively to stifle her giggles after she read Susan's note in class.
The definition for turmoil is "Extreme confusion, agitation." Used in a sentence: The windstorm caused such turmoil in the lake that the sailboat capsized.