ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 966891

Questions 5
Words extol, frugal, gravity, heinous, raspy

Study Guide

The definition for extol is "To praise highly." Used in a sentence: The statesman extolled the ambassador who single–handedly negotiated the peace treaty.
The definition for frugal is "Thrifty, cheap." Used in a sentence: The frugal shopper only bought items that were on sale.
The definition for gravity is "Importance, significance." Used in a sentence: Understanding the gravity of his error, Ken offered his humblest apology.
The definition for heinous is "Shockingly evil." Used in a sentence: Eduardo's heinous betrayal of Lydia shocked even Latasha, who knew his evil ways.
The definition for raspy is "rough, grating." Used in a sentence: After shouting to his players through the long game, the coach's voice was raspy.