ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test 967547

Questions 5
Words appalling, comprehensible, eulogy, inauspicious, untenable

Study Guide

The definition for appalling is "Inspiring dismay or disgust." Used in a sentence: Hector found his roommate's habit of leaving his dirty socks on the floor appalling.
The definition for comprehensible is "Understandable." Used in a sentence: Shannon spoke slowly so her directions would be comprehensible to her foreign visitor.
The definition for eulogy is "Speech or writing in praise of deceased." Used in a sentence: Ernesto delivered a moving eulogy at his uncle's funeral.
The definition for inauspicious is "Not favorable." Used in a sentence: Gary believed the black foreboding sky was an inauspicious sign.
The definition for untenable is "Not able to be defended." Used in a sentence: Rashid made the untenable statement that George Washington was the second president of the United States.